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Mini Browser for the Menu Bar

About Cuber

Welcome to Cuber! Your all-in-one mini browser right in the menu bar.

Experience seamless browsing right from your macOS menu bar. Enjoy quick access to the web, search, and stay productive with this mini browser. Browsing, reimagined.

How Cuber Works

Discover simplicity with Cuber! Just type URL or search term in the menu bar, and Cuber's mini browser brings instant web results to you.

Key Features

  • Instant access to websites from the menu bar
  • Stay productive with a seamless browsing experience
  • Customize and personalize your mini browser
  • Adjustable window size and position
  • Minimalistic design and easy to use
  • Cuber is a native macOS app

Download Cuber

Get started with Cuber today and enhance your menu bar experience! The app is free to download.

↓ Download (1.0.0) (macOS 13 and newer versions)